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In Memoriam: Hans Jansen

Hans Jansen

It seems most scientists are in love with their field of expertise. But I like it when an expert has contrary opinions. -- Hans Jansen, scholar of the Arabic world, language and its Islamic culture, was such a contrary person. He passed away last week (1942 – 2015). While I know just a little of his writing, I feel it would be right to consider his death, or putting it more positively, to consider his work.

English book on Muhammad.

Jansen graduated from Leiden University. He worked as a translator for the Red Cross during a humanitarian mission in Iraq, taught at university, and also wrote for the general public. Recently he served in the European Parliament. While Jansen must have liked the Arabic language, he did not like Islam. He explained why the texts of Islam teach bad things, by quoting the texts themselves.

Quran translation in Dutch

Professor Jansen was not 'blindly in love' with the subject of his studies. To me, his criticism seemed more like healthy scepticism. That's why I purchased the version of the Quran with annotations by Hans Jansen and his collegue Asad Jaber. And I can say: Mr. Jansen thank you for educating me and the public.