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Indiana Jones and the Jesus Video

Das Jesus Video - Andreas Eschbach

A review of Das Jesus Video - (It is available in many translations but as far as I know there's no English version.)

Das Jesus Video is about an Indiana Jones-like young guy and his girlfriend who find convincing evidence that someone travelled in time and may have recorded an actual video of Jesus. It's the first book out of 2. Writer Andreas Eschbach apparently loves creating elaborate characters like for example a cold blooded Vatican secret-service priest and a wonderfully predatory business tycoon. He does it very well and that's one of the things that make this book fun and addictive to read. This is not a time travel book but a thriller. It doesn't have a 'big happy ending' but I liked how it was done. Das Jesus Video is a fun and light read. A good 3,75 out of 5 score!